The focus of this Symposium is to inform participants about emerging Canadian technology and end-user programs of Printable Electronics. Display and paper proposals may be filed by Canadian and international researchers and business professionals.

We encourage demonstrations for the main topics of the conference:

  • Advances in printable electronics, inks, production methods, apparatus
  • Advances in flexible electronics
  • Advances in stretchable electronics
    Improvements in wearables
  • 3D printable electronics
  • Software in smart packaging, smart buildings and houses, healthcare, automotive and aerospace.

The selection committee will advise if you’ve been chosen for a presentation to permit you to prepare the presentation or paper. All papers and presentations must be obtained well before the Symposium to be contained for digital distribution.

Proposals should include a 300-word summary abstract, your profile to 100 words, and the name, affiliation, name, email and phone number of the proponent.