The CPES Organizing Committee is Pleased to announce the launch of the CPES Innovation Awards.

CPES takes place April 19-20 in Sheridan College’s new conference centre in Toronto.

After the impressive rise of the Symposium last year into a really world-class occasion for the Canadian industry, creating an awards program was the next logical step to expand the scale and scope of CPES.

For the inaugural year, the CPES Innovation Awards will comprise two award categories, to recognize achievements in research innovation and industrial commercialization.

In keeping with the themes and focus of CPES, award applicants must emphasize collaboration throughout the business ecosystem involving different industry and R&D players, to address real needs in various market verticals.

Only Members in good standing of the CPES can use. Winners will be announced during an awards ceremony on the afternoon of April 20 in CPES. Winners will be profiled and showcased in Canada and promoted to the worldwide industry.