Oral health is a vitally significant part overall body health and starts at the first stages of life. Going to the dentist and setting a new “Dental Home” early ensures that families and children have access to treatment and education. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends a dentist test a young child in six weeks […]


Many people like to recall interesting events throughout their lives in Toronto, and in many other areas. They could only do so with event photography. This is the shooting of actions in an event on camera by an event photographer. Such events include weddings, parties, anniversaries, bachelorette and bachelor parties’ corporate purposes and so forth. […]


Economy: Among fortune 500 companies over 60 of those companies have their International or Head offices located in Mississauga. Industries includes pharmaceutical, banking and finance, computers and electronics, aerospace, transportation and equipment industries. Few honorable mentions are Citi Bank Canada, Royal Bank of Canada, Microsoft Canada, Laura Secord Chocolates, Hewlett Packard, Air Georgian, Air Canada […]


If you’re planning to go to Mississauga in Ontario, Canada you’re already thinking in the right direction. Located just west of Toronto, it’s a significant city in the province of Ontario. The Pearson International airport of Toronto falls within the city limits of Mississauga. A good deal of travellers prefer to remain in Mississauga. This […]